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    Nikon Z50 in the heart of world's fashion

    It's the fashion week in Milano

    It's the Fashion Week in Milan.
    And I received the Nikon Z50 Experience Kit on trial from Nital Spa, the official distributor of Nikon products in Italy.


    inside its beautiful case - dangerously similar to that of the unrivaled Nikon Z 58 / 0.95 Noct - there is everything you need to test the camera on the field.


    the wonderful Nikon Z50 Experience Kit, you can pick up it in your local shop in order to try the Z50 directly on the field

    the camera, two lenses, the FTZ adapter, battery, charger. Only the memory card is missing. I put inside a 128 GB Sandisk SD card.

    It would be very easy to mount a couple of high-end lenses and go around Milan to shoot ad models and wealthy ladies on shopping.

    Too easy. No, I want to go with the Z50 kit. I add the Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 S because it could be one of the lenses that I would buy if I had a Z50 (I already have Z6 and Z7 so I think I'm already ok for now).
    And I want to shoot mostly in jpg and black and white with some of the new Picture Controls inserted by Nikon in the Z50.
    To make photos as ready as possible to use, share via Snapbridge or print if I really like someone.

    The city is full of people. And on the walls of many buildings in the center under renovation, there are megaposters of the most important brands in the fashion world

    Gianni Versace on the wall

    Burberry !

    Dior !

    Furla with the beautiful Irina Shayk, 2020 testimonial


    In the Milano fashion district with the Nikon Z50, the Nikkor DX 16-50mm and the Nikkor DX 50-250mm 

    There is not only via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga is equally rich


    the shop windows come alive

    Z50_0227.thumb.jpg.99e50138ecf8327222ea959711fa47e1.jpg Z50_0232.thumb.jpg.d74d4268fa7e4839a70994cad5ebb268.jpg Z50_0240.thumb.jpg.dec4b16cd68737df5753f5e673431452.jpg Z50_0241.thumb.jpg.ec1cf02ca25b6364c2d5889b1f3517dc.jpg


    Z50_0282.thumb.jpg.633edee0d79a6600fb4d29d2f00b6769.jpg Z50_0324.thumb.jpg.ccde992e2bc1e551e08925c2e3ce5bbd.jpg Z50_0328.thumb.jpg.bc09a52cf3f5469cbf224ea0a1c1627b.jpg Z50_0340.thumb.jpg.f411fe543e58c46d4a1d572125e6f3dc.jpg


    someone leaves his Ferrari on a parking ban and goes shopping


    Where did I leave my Ferrari ?


















    walking these streets is like being inside Vogue or Vanity Fair magazines


    taking a stroll through these streets is like leafing through the latest issue of Vogue or Vanity Fair.
    All of them are there, even the brands you forgot.

    Of course there is no need to look at the prices of the clothes in the window, for me even the cheapest are far beyond my budget

    don't pay attention to the prices !


    jacket : € 2,220 , shirt : € 450, gilet : € 700, trousers : € 770, shoes : € 480

    Finally I arrive in Piazza del Liberty, where is the new Apple megastore and I find a bunch of models posing for a group of photographers.
    I sneak in too and make some shots

    The two lenses of the Z50 did their homework in the other photos. They are clear, correct, well balanced.
    But here I think it takes more.
    I mount my Nikkor 85 f / 1.8 S which is perfectly compatible with the Z50 and I start!

    Street fashion a la Peter Lindbergh





    The Nikon Z50 is capable of working like a Nikon Z6 if it's in the hands of a skilled photographer

    catwalk on the square


    a sequence of 25 picture with auto AF and face/eye-AF.

    All are in focus on the face or eyes.
    Even though a photographer passed me at some point, the Z50 kept the focus on the model.
    The 25th shot :


    No doubt about it, the Z50 is worth the big sister Z6 in this field and could replace it perfectly!


    The Z50 is a camera with which every Nikonist is immediately at home. If - like me - you already have experience with Z6 or Z7 - it will be very easy to use it even without looking at the manual.
    The Z50 will do everything you ask for and offer you even more.

    It is a real Nikon that knows how to adapt to the photographer who uses it.
    The beginner will let himself be guided, the expert will instead use it even for the most busy situations.

    The lenses of the kit are excellent and do not weigh.
    The whole is unexpectedly of high value.
    The jpg that produces the camera already more than adequate.

    I must not shoot raw with the Nikon Z50, jpgs are good enough !

    The Nikon Z50's Picture Controls produce beautiful images that require little or no intervention in postproduction.
    If I want, I can transfer the images to my smartphone via Snapbridge and share them with the world



    Pictures will look professional effortlessly.
    I say it sincerely, even if I'm used to using only professional cameras, the Z50 looks much more like the D780 or D7500 than the various entry-level D3X00 and D5X00

    So, if only Nikon would soon put on sale a couple of pancakes, compact, light and cheap, they would sell the Z50 like hot cakes ...


    the new Giorgio Armani boutique : from Montenapoleone to S. Andrea

    The Apple Showroom


    try a Nikon Z50, your smartphone is not good enough ! (Z50 with Nikon 85/1.8 S)


    a snapshot with the Nikkor DX 50-250mm, a super-shap little gun ;)

    Greetings from Milano !


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