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  • Max Aquila
    Max Aquila

    Nikkor Z 14-30mm f/4 S : my view from Sicily


    Surely small, but isn’t all… at all:



    No one superwide zoom could be compared with its focal range and luminosity but surely neither for dimension and weight (485 gr, 89 x 85mm),
    neither for optical scheme (14 elements in 12 groups, 4 asph. and 4 ED)   schema.png.d41936c370a7f639fc338719d7cca95f.png

    that allows to have the first 14mm zoom with a frontal plane lens, filter thread equipped (82mm)!262198916_20902022019-_Z6H6963MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.0bf008ada5950dfbc4ece6926f89e9ff.jpg

    1998700442_21511022019-_85K5582MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.df95c042849ca769d80c04527deb159c.jpg A large flower hood,
    but not too deep, considering potential undesired flares and ghosts  and a not excessive barrel range, at lower focal:1958203162_21211022019-_85K5540MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.43bfe0f6a2f5a4655c02f4c99153c608.jpg

    comparing with standard 24-70/4S zoom, seems even more compact...2039450046_20102022019-_Z6H6915MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.4d933491b873a853f38416636e0427ef.jpg
    and this is one of its best attractive...

    more space even in a small photo bag 1546236768_20302022019-_Z6H6938MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.6d83da3d7cf185b76bf5f03b5eea28d4.jpg  if choosing these two lenses 


    Genius certainly:                   1111264771_21102022019-_Z6H6978MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.2557f100d839c451b700eda4d2a15ec2.jpg 
    for its plane frontal lens design thanks to which it reaches the record of being the only superwide on the market that can show off a... still human filter thread, 

    388731440_21811022019-_85K5616MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.e956acbe88dc53eba2b353df3a5bac79.jpg well protective of the precious glass,
    but more, simply to clean from dust, (thanks also to this great number of O-ring)

    but mainly, able to mount your favourite, creative, filters filter.jpg.71c29ad4b0e8ea1dcca7309798e8415e.jpg

    Again, great is the same opportunity on other Z lenses, to program focusing ring, if desired, or for a silent frame change (a must for videomaker), or to fine exposition compensation.565215918_20802022019-_Z6H6956MaxAquilaphoto(C).thumb.jpg.ec09fb99a295ad187079a224a929f9c5.jpg


    213  11022019 -_85K5549  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
    Locking position of the focal ring, also if is not the preferred quality of this zoom (also on the 24-70/4) allows to have a more compact design of this lens at rest, avoid every shifting of the barrel and protects it better from dust, sand an dirt.

    216  11022019 -_85K5599  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg

    This zoom fits with my Z6 in a practical and compact combination that gives not me the feeling to unplug it from my camera.

    220  11022019 -_85K5671  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg And above all my future considerations about,  

    what I can see through its glass is undoubt amazing...210  02022019 -_Z6H6975  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg


    A superwide lens with a 114° angle of field, may be used so as...abused:

    in the prospective distortion, i.e.

    The simple difference between a mediocre wide and an excellent one is clear: a good superwide allows you to shoot a wide scene, almost to perspective distortion ZERO:
    like the Z of this Nikkor ... :sorriso:

    that ask only a little bit of attention when levelling, soon repayed by an impeccable yeld, not only for central lines in the frame.
    It will be enough to cut excess space, in order to obtain a coherent framing in the format and proportions of the subject, without having to suffer the ... sickness
    087   -_Z6H1538  14 mm  1-125 sec a f - 11  Max Aquila photo (C)_.jpg

    The strengths of this Z-Nikkor 14-30 are certainly the sharpness at all frames and the remarkable color density of its glass, normal and special, whatever the light source, its intensity and color temperature, its direction ...


    74034856_051-_Z6H704814mm1-125secaf-22MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.9b732d65b82a275bdac2aff41c7e7de8.jpg    1446855857_043-_Z6H698014mm1-60secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.3c90f95e8b49e759c29cb5d1eb7dcc45.jpg



    369292016_053-_Z6H706814mm1-500secaf-56MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.fd7e283bf22527cd2b45415a0b7ac4f6.jpg  388069457_013-_Z6H497814mm1-640secaf-40MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.1c69d714b751536f6b2183cfcfb73b95.jpg

     practically immune to reflections, flares, ghosts, even under direct sun 



    whatever the exposition cell, mainly preferred Matrix, both with spot* one,
    that preserves highlights 1461103266_015-_Z6H498514mm1-60secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.16ccce86fec8ad0b67314e46b6ce9e80.jpg


    virtually NO-distortion (but we know that in this Z-era Nikon collaborates with the development software)

    1953586395_005-_Z6H488114mm1-125secaf-40MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.5fe7bd0b1d1d200536bc09c8a0007a60.jpg 14mm

    30mm 24535807_001-_Z6H487830mm1-100secaf-40MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.22cf949dabf62b2c951a620b7f1aff00.jpg

    The space that can be framed is so large that the use of all the formats available on my Z6 can already be determined on-camera1848863445_061-_Z6H074814mm1-250secaf-11MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.0afcc2c1404b2c83a73838022e4d511f.jpg
    infinite composition available

    gradual zooming is accompanied by the respect of the subjects proportions also changing focal from the same point of shooting

    also excessively inducing distortions perspectively never really leads to unbearable results, typical of extreme focal lengths1221402652_064-_Z6H078914mm1-60secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.4008e0839b9ae95634eac37b5cba91e0.jpg



    everytime, everywhere, the subject surrender, even inanimate, is surprising, exciting


    as still seen, backlight yield is really exemplary
     1128528701_072-_Z6H088914mm1-800secaf-40MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.cc3296d301a9c2ba3b830498183b21ab.jpg  068   -_Z6H0811  18 mm  1-250 sec a f - 11  Max Aquila photo (C)_.jpg
    as in the best lenses that in these last years we had the privilege to test.

    Interiors, in available light, high ISO, over 10.000, thanks to the perfect join with the Z6 (for which it seems specifically designed) are very simply to reach and rarely to be corrected in p.p.

    1438402852_025-_Z6H508614mm1-50secaf-80MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.62876957dc62d2df36727535711951ed.jpg intense colours
    also with light sources very difficult to measure chromatically...

    no chrome fading also over very high ISO


    thanks to which performances you can afford the luxury of shooting with medium apertures, taking full advantage of the 5-axis stabilization system of the Z6


    1056373616_035-_Z6H513514mm1-25secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.9f716681af0dc38ba061a6138bab6b43.jpg  866190772_041-_Z6H516114mm1-80secaf-11MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.4096754ef5b4130be870b9472010a24f.jpg

    with which you can make widely manageable shots even with very slow shutter speeds, freehand.

    A close-up RR of 0,16X, thanks to an usual mimnimum distance of focusing of 28cm to the focal plane (i.e. 20cm from the frontal lens),2119977720_009-_Z6H492414mm1-160secaf-20MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.0faae88b924444dbe7688a29f0de9932.jpg
    allows to stay close to the subject, working also with D.O.F of the smaller apertures  (up to f/22)

    The primacy of being able to mount 82mm frame filters (quite expensive, but available) that determines many opportunities: I have obtained an ND1000 for the purpose which turns out to be one of the most popular desires of the moment for photographers who love ... and I tried it in a context that was usual for me (certainly at the worst of its potential, but be patient ... I do not use filters from the times of black and white films...!) :rotfl:

    1873819899_054-_Z6H988714mm1-100secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.aa83bc38957374fc7e20f2725645ed2d.jpg no filter


    within ND1000 1399690499_055-_Z6H988814mm80secaf-16MaxAquilaphoto(C)_.thumb.jpg.b134b37e3663732bec4c070650ccc404.jpg


    (welcome fans....)


    At last, a balance high positive experience with this zoom, kindly procured by Nikon Italy, that well before returning it, I proceeded to reserve the purchase of a sample, which will become the absolute protagonist of my future photographic excursions with the Z6


    My conclusions?


    • excellent color rendering and linear performance
    • very low vignetting and distortion (thanks to the automatic interview with the development sw)
    • record size and weight
    • flat front lens and possibility of mounting filters
    • precise and silent AF engine as if it did not exist
    • competitive price in relation to the yield


    • waiting to receive my own copy ...:fotografo:

    Max Aquila photo (C) per Zetaland 2019

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    This lens is the first I've booked a long time before its market introduction: rather... I think that I've bought my Nikon Z 6 kit, just after announcement of this wide zoom.

    I'm a great and mad user of superwide on my cameras, not only Nikon ones, and I've found this Nikkor 14-30/4 S really exciting for its innovative characteristics, as Zero distorsion & flares and sharpness & chromatics features.

    Now i'm waiting to get my own...


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